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That’s so Bizarre?

 As part of the ASU Student Photographers’ Association and the Herberger Institute School of Art we’re pleased to invite you to the exhibition and opening of this year’s member juried photo exhibition “An Equation of the Fanciful and Bizarre.” The exhibition was juried by Joel Meyerowitz, a New York-based, award-winning photographer. 

A public reception is scheduled for Monday, Feb. 8 from 7–9 p.m. in the Northlight Gallery 

Exhibition opens from Feb. 1–25, 2010. 

Joel Meyerowitz

Here’s my print: Untitled, Silver Gelatin, 2009 

It’s an diptych of my Mother I took last year for my Photo II final with Julie Anand,  it composites of 2 negatives as one. 

My print that made it into the photo exhibit

 Since I’m taking Photographic Exhibition class with Liz Allen in Northlight Gallery this year, my class gets the pleasure of  setting up “An Equation of the Fanciful and Bizarre.”  There’s a mini preview of our setup. 

Preview of the show, my print is in the far corner to the right


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New Camera

I took a gigantic leap today and decided to get the camera of my dreams! Ladies and gentlemen,  I’m pleased to introduce to you the Canon EOS 7D! This camera will blow your mind, so far I’ve yet to put this camera down! And so it begins…

Shooter with sun glasses

Sheep statue

Light circle

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