Quick Preview of the Fanciful…

Hi guys, I wanted to show you all a quick preview of the ASU Student Photographers’ Association juried exhibition by Joel Meyerowitz. The opening reception is Monday February 8th at 7pm-9pm, come by to see some amazing work by the ASU photo club!

Featured photographers:

Joshua White, Robert Brandan Martinez, Andrew Hammerand, Katie E. Lehman, Megan Chain, Dorothy Glenn, Meghan Colleen, Esther Lee, Sallie Scheufler, Adrian Lesoing, Pattie Harmdierks, Kelsey Vance, Michelle Myers, Won Suk Chang, Charles Anthony Darr, Andrea Calo, Eddie Rivera, Peter Bugg, April Ramirez, Benjamin Lang, Cory Jameson Rogers, Elisabeth Cardy, Jenna Weinstein, Ruth Mower, Julia Gonzalez, Alicia Tokoph, Lauren Morganstein, Hayley Brunetto, David Emitt Adams, Ashley Fletcher, Dayna Bartoli, Clair Warden, D. Bryon Darby, Daniel Kim, Sara King, Justin Vargo, Emi Waite, Meghan Kesti, John Stewart, Steve Gittins, Logan Bellew, Jason Roehner. Nadia Sablin, Nicole Gomez, Mike McLeod, Eric Edwards, Glory Shim, Robert Crouch, Michael Woodlee…

And my print! Yay! It’s in the corner near the door

A closer look



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  1. Collotypes are neat, along with Esther and M-Chain.

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