Mad Skills in the Color Darkroom…NOT!

Yesterday was my first day using the color darkrooms in MHALL and I must say it’s definitely harder than it looks. One must be patient and have nocturnal senses! By the end of the semester I’ll have pale looking skin and probably eek of color chemicals from the processor.

Color to me is more complex than black/white. In black/white you’re looking for the highlights and contrast, but in color it’s a whole different ball park! 

 Major differences between color and black/white:

1. You work in complete DARKNESS! Color darkrooms have no safe light, so once your paper is out you have to remember where the enlarger, easel, and timer is located.

2. The color enlarger has 3 filters (Cyan, Yellow, and Magenta) that either subtract or add color to your print. For the correct color correction you must memorize the color principles. Ex. if your print is too yellow, you need to add yellow to actually subtract yellow,  I know right? And if it’s too cyan you need to subtract yellow and magenta….

3. Once you think your print is this color it’s actually another! Ex. I swear my print looked too red, but no it was actually more magenta then red. 

It’s challenging now, but hopefully I’ll be able to pick it up soon. I took some pictures of the color studio, so enjoy! But remember, these rooms are completely dark when we’re working in them.




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  1. Eek I go in there next week. I am just starting to grasp color management and Photoshop. Thanks for your post about working in the dark.

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