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Margot’s Cat – Arthur Ganson

 Arthur Ganson makes kinetic sculptures from wire and steel. Gansom’s work eplores existentialism and uses video of his working sculptures through youtube.

*Arther Ganson – This machine was inspired by watching a randomly shaped object bouncing off the surface of a slow moving, reciprocating and irregularly shaped piston head on the moon. Of course anything is possible in the virtual world of the computer.

The doll house chair seems to be the perfect object to bounce nearly weightlessly over the unsuspecting cat. In this machine, the chair is passive and all motion is due to interference by the cat. The large disk at the back serves to both counterbalance the arm and give more mass to the chair itself. The motion of the chair is complex and will never repeat.

Margot Clark was my wonderful and inspiring art history teacher at the University of New Hampshire. When she passed away she left a houseful of cats.

*credit Ganson’s youtube page


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Bigger than you

Masters of Fine Arts Sculpture candidate, Nathaniel Lewis, displayed his MFA thesis at Harry Wood Gallery titled Bigger Than Me. The body of work is a series of mixed media sculptures of faceless child-like figures. I really enjoyed all of Lewis’ pieces, but one of the attention-grabbing piece of the exhibition was a brown figure crawling along the gallery wall with a trail of brown following. It looked as if the figure was a piece of shit crawling around on the floor, I couldn’t help but get the sense of what life is like as a parent, their frustrations during the early ages of a child’s life where whatever they get into or do is trouble.

Lewis’ had a variety of figures throughout the exhibition varying in size and color. Some figures interacted with each other and others playing by themselves (literally). Lewis had figurines exploding in corners and walls, smeared little guys along the gallery walls and floors, two figures connected with umbilical cord to the head, and figures eating one of their own.

Lewis’ imagination portrayed was hilarious, and exceptionally enjoyable. I suggested everyone to stop in and take a look a Lewis’ show; each person will have a experience of their own.

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